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The Biggest American Threat. The Great Divide. By: Officer Parker

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

There is no doubt that in this era, times have greatly changed. From the once flourishing nation, to a nation of uncertainty, chaos and loss of life.

There is great doubt in America's leadership today. A struggling economy, struggling police forces and a severe shortage of common sense seems to be ravaging this nation, Threatening the very core values that make America the great country she is.

But the ever so daunting question remains. Who is responsible ?

Well, that depends who you ask, but at the core of the nations problems, lies one very common denominator.

The Media & their unsung truths.

Today more than ever, We The People rely heavily on the media to bring us factual information regarding wordly events, however we have gotten just the opposite. We get race baiting headlines, over sensationalized stories that have more emotion than factual context and half facts that tell a small portion of the story. From the spawning of the "cancel culture" to the re-birth of self proclaimed civil rights activist, These tactics have caused a severe racial divide amongst Americans. In the year 2020, we saw a mass out break of riots, some in the form of racial injustice and well others, just seemed to riot just because they could. The cancel culture grew more notoriety as year went on, canceling anything and everyone they didn't agree with. From Live PD all the way to cops, there was no shortage of knee-Jerk reactions to cancel things with no real meaning to their objective.

"Blind leading the Blind"

Well we fast forward to 2021 where police departments are suddenly being refunded, the cancel culture somehow became woke and the nation remains more divided than ever. Well, at least since I can remember.

The death of George Floyd brought on massive chaos, riots and even death to some American cities. The nation fell quickly under siege by the very people whom live here, were brought up here and should have had a high stake in the Prosperity of American lives. So what happened?

Big City leaders failed to take Adequate action against the chaos. They failed to stop it immediately and such, A new nefarious movement was born, but that movement was quickly overshadowed by chaos, destruction and opportunist. The people had the stage, they had the mic and they had the force to demand change across America.

​Ripped from their grip, a stolen stage, the America voice became dim, hard to understand and hard to distinguish between a voice of reason and a voice of division. The American people lost their voice to those whom benefit most to see them at odds with one another. Two sides at odds, the every day American become collateral damage and the nation fell

under a dark cloud. From this, the media used the sword of hate to divide the American people.

The Great Divide

The division has already taken place. America finds her self split. The people know not which way to turn, for every corner lies uncertainty. Many are left Pondering... Are we in the final stretch? Is this the Endgame? How do we move forward from here? ​

We are going to have to work twice as hard to undo this division, chaos and hate. We are the light. We are the way. They want us to hate each other, so choose to love instead. The best revenge is creating unity, love and peace, when their plan was divison, hatred and chaos. We the light, shall never falter. We remain firm and steadfast. It is the way

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