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Popular Texas Officer & Baltimore Officer troll the entire internet and it’s hilarious

Well if you‘ve been looking for some laughs, you have come to the right place. Internet sensation Officer Parker, the popular Baltimore cop, and Deputy Bryan, the popular Texas Deputy get into a beef that breaks the internet. The funniest internet beef we’ve seen in a while, why? Well because it’s all over a phone charger that officer Parker allegedly took while he was visiting the Dallas area.

Back in early January, Officer Parker was invited down to Texas for The Great American summit event as a guest speaker Where he met Bryan. Over the course of the event, Bryan and Parker hung out on numerous occasion, but Officer Parker’s phone always seem to be out of battery.

While we don’t know the whole story, we know that at some point Bryan let Parker borrow his charger. Parker wasn’t the only thing that flew back to Maryland. Bryan‘s charger did too, and the events that follow are hilarious. We have posted some of the memes that followed, but the real joy is the banter that broke the internet. We have also posted links to their pages.

Officer Parker:

Deputy Bryan:

Here are some of the memes

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