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Amount of Police reaches dangerously low levels as police continue to walk away.

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

As the nation continues to see a significant increase in crime, police officers are left facing their own problems within the profession.


Since the age of (defunding our law enforcement) has come to stay, we have been struck with a slew of after effects that has wrecked havoc on our police force. From early retirement, resigning and worst case scenario, suicide, the after effects of this anti-police movement has left a hole in the hearts of law enforcement and their supporters. Some agencies report as many as 200 officers have left the force between the year of 2020 to the current 2021. A staggering number of police and almost historic number of resignations throughout the police force. Dr Sarah Charman, from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth, led the study. She says: "By any measure this rise is steep and troubling, especially when coupled with a more complex policing landscape requiring knowledge and experience. It seems more important than ever therefore to provide an insight into a relatively under-researched aspect of policing - why police officers resign prematurely from the police service through what could be argued to be avoidable turnover."


Reform? well.... Maybe, But maybe not.

There is good reform and there is bad reform, If the people are questioning whether or not the police still exist or are doing their jobs, then we must ask ourselves has the reform that has been placed upon police actual reform? Or has the tighter restrictions caused them to do their job a lot less efficiently? Well the answer lies within the new state laws imposed by law makers. These new laws guide the oversight of reform and what needs to be changed within many police departments. Now, if we take a look at some of the new restrictions placed on police departments, we will find that while many police officers are still out and about doing their jobs, it is far less harder for them to proactively Police, thus causing an increase in crime. Case in point, If we take a look at the qualified immunity law that once protected many police officers from frivolous lawsuits, we can see that many states are trying to do away with the protections that do nothing more than simply help police officers do their job without fear of false allegations and crazy lawsuits brought on out of spite. Many states are trying to do away with it. Recently the state of Maryland had introduced new bills to do away with a qualified immunity. That would mean that any officer while doing their duties, could be subject to frivolous lawsuits and unfounded complaints that could possibly be brought on by spiteful people who've they've encountered or arrested. ​In addition to doing away with qualified immunity, many states have opted to allow an officers internal complaint record to be made public. Now why is that a problem? Well it isn't a problem if it had not been for one particular and rather peculiar grievance with in the bill. Within that bill there is a clause that allows the public to View and Officer's internal complaint record whether or not the complaint has been found to be false. Simply put, anyone can file a false egregious complaint against a police officer, and it will be made public to be put on display for the world to see. If you haven't thought much into that, think of it this way. You could be accused of the most grievous complaint that you can think of, and while it may be false, it will still remain on your record and open to the public. That is a horrible idea as that could lead to public defamation of character based on false claims. With a qualified immunity up in the air to be removed as well as allowing police officers to be subject to false complaints, many police officers are still there, however they are just not as proactive as they once were in fear of these new restrictions that have been placed upon them. In short, yes the police are still here and and doing the best that they can, but times have changed.

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